Skipper Clement International

Skipper Clement has an international department of 220 students in 11 classes.

Skipper Clement International

Students and their families come from all over the world.

So do the teachers.

Skipper Clement International

Every class in the international department is composed of children from a unique, diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, languages and belief systems.

Skipper Clement International

In the International department we base our relationships on mutual respect and trust in order to contribute positively to a global world.



Welcome to Skipper Clement International

Skipper Clement School is Aalborg’s largest private school, centrally placed at the corner of Kildeparken and close to the central rail and bus terminals.  In spite of our central location we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a green area and various sports facilities which we use in many different ways. We like to say we are a school with a difference. We are not an elite school, but we are for those who care. We set standards for ourselves, our students and our relationships with parents. We believe in values such as respect and responsibility, creativity and high achievement, commitment and consequences.


If you have any questions that we can help with about the registration of your child then give us a call on 98121188.
If you have decided and are ready to register you child in either the Danish or the International department at Skipper Clement Skolen, then complete the form that matches your preference...

Danish Dept. >   International Dept. >

If you want to be considered for both departments then you should complete two forms - one in Danish for the danish department and one in English for the International department.