Practical Information

Lost Property

Lost property is stored in the basement of SFO and in the caretaker’s offices. You can ask in both places if you cannot find your child’s possessions in the classroom. Every month or so the lost property is put on display and parents are informed.  Twice a year lost property is destroyed or sent to a charity if not claimed.  Please help us keep lost property to a minimum by writing your child’s name in his/her clothes, bags and shoes. 

Ordering Food and Milk

We do not have a cafeteria at Skipper Clement and children bring their own packed lunches to school. However you can arrange directly with a supplier to have sandwiches and milk delivered to the school.  The latest you can order a sandwich online, is before 8.00 on the morning you want it. Sandwiches and milk can then be collected from the school kitchen.

To order food go to;

To order milk go to; http://skolemæ

From the school kitchen you can also buy;

Apple or Orange juice;  6 kr.

Water            6 kr.

Yoghurt       10 kr.

Muesli bar   6 kr.

Bag of nuts 10 kr.

School Nurse
School Dentist

Skipper Clement is affiliated with Aalborg Kommune’s dental service based at Sønderbroskolen.

99 31 76 70
Sjællandsgade 2

SFO Welcome Folder
Private Music lessons

Skipper Clement has an arrangement with Aalborg Kulturskole so that students can have private music lessons with specialist teachers in piano, violin, guitar, drums etc. at Skipper Clement after their lessons have finished. 

To book music lessons, you need to contact Aalborg kulturskole by the end of April in the previous year.  Find out more through this link;

School Trips

In the International department there are 3 annual school trips. These have been disrupted by Covid lockdowns, however in 2021/22, we hope all the classes listed below will have a trip, probably within Denmark. The normal pattern is;

Stage 6:  One week at the end of the school year to a destination in Denmark.

Stage 8:  One week to a destination in Denmark or Europe.

Stage 10: One week to a destination in Europe.

The cost of the school trips is added to the school fees and divided over the school year that the trip takes place in. The trips are compulsory for students and intended to meet a part of the curriculum in one or more subjects. As the trips are arranged in the previous school year, any parent that wants his/her child excused on cultural grounds,  must apply in writing in the year before the trip takes place.

School Fees rebates

You can download the forms to apply for a rebate  here;

The form is only available in Danish, but is not too complicated. If you are not sure of the information needed, you can ask our secretary Heather Knudsen. She is in the office at Gammel Kærvej 28, from 8.00 to 11.00 everyday.

Parent representatives and Parents' Council

At the first class parents’ meeting of the school year, each class is invited to elect two parent representatives.

The role of the parent representatives is to strengthen the social life of the class and its families. Activities  include arranging a social gathering, welcoming new families, representing the class at the INTA parents’ council etc.

Lesson times

Lesson times are as follows,

Period 1:       08.10 – 08.55

Period 2:      08.55 – 09.40

Break            09.40 – 09.55

Period 3:      09.55 – 10.40

Period 4:       10.40 – 11.25

Lunch 5:         11.25 – 12.10

Period 6:       12.10 – 12.55

Period 7:       12.55 – 13.40

Break:           13.40 – 13.50

Period 8:      13.50 – 14.20

Period 9:      14.20 – 15.15

School Year 2021-2022

Please find next year’s timetables in the pdf file attached. There may be some more changes before the beginning of the new school year as the timetables are still being checked.

Please note that Violin (VIOL), Choir (KOR) Music and Movement (SSP) and Drama lessons are voluntary. Those lessons run by the Aalborg kulturskole (Viol and SSP) require enrolment and payment of a fee.

timetables for 2021

School Calendar 2023-2024

Calendar 2023-2024 kalendar 2023